Buyer Services: Top 10

  1. Needs Analysis
    1. Analysis buyer’s wants and needs
    2. Help buyer develop clear picture of ideal home
  2. Pre-qualification or Pre-approval
    1. Guide buyer to loan officer
    2. Obtain pre-qualification or pre-approval
    3. Help choose best mortgage financing plan
  3. Neighborhood Information
    1. Create broad neighborhood search profile
    2. Provide list of target neighborhoods and related information
  4. Home Search
    1. Organize and schedule a home search process
    2. Ongoing updates, drive-by and showings of available homes
  5. Make an offer
    1. Compare homes and make decisions
    2. Advise on terms and issues of offer
    3. Fill out purchase offer contract
  6. Negotiating to Buy
    1. Present an offer
    2. Negotiate on buyer’s behalf
  7. Vendor Coordination
    1. Advise and supervise vendor selections
    2. Coordinate vendor services
  8. Pre-close preparation
    1. Coordinate and supervise document preparation
    2. Provide pre-closing consulting
  9. Closing
    1. Preview closing documents
    2. Resolve last-minute issues
    3. Complete transaction
  10. Post Closing
    1. Coordinate move-in
    2. Assist with post-closing issues

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