For Sellers

Most Effective and Efficient Upgrades

Should you Fix up your Home before Selling?

Strategies for a Surprise-Free Sale

3 Skills Every Home Seller Needs

Cheap Bathroom Renovations that Help Sell a Home

4 Reasons your House isn’t Selling

Is a FSBO a Good Idea? Usually Not!

Selling your Home? Cards in your Favor.

Emotional Mistakes Sellers Make

Top Ten Remodeling Project in terms of ROI

Pleasing Buyers Increases Chances of an Offer

Five Tips Buyers Would Give Sellers

Five Simple Bathroom Renovations that add Value

A useful guide for home sellers, somewhat goofy, but full of tips and wisdom

Improve Your Home’s Sellability

What Sellers Should Know

Don’t Let Your House Sale Fall Through

Projects You Should & Shouldn’t Consider

Understanding Agent Representation

7 Tips to Buy or Sell

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