Seller Services: Top 10

  1. Needs Analysis
    1. Clarity the motivating reasons to sell
    2. Determine the seller’s timetable
  2. Pricing Strategy
    1. Determine the best selling price strategy given current market conditions
    2. Show resulting net sheet
  3. Property preparation
    1. Advise on repairs and improvements
    2. Provide staging strategies
  4. Marketing strategy
    1. Develop marketing plan
    2. Establish marketing timetable
  5. Receive and Offer
    1. Evaluate offers
  6. Negotiate to Sell
    1. Negotiate counteroffers
    2. Advise on final terms and conditions
  7. Sell
    1. Prepare post-contract work list
    2. Advise on repairs and vendor services
  8. Pre-close Preparation
    1.  Coordinate and supervise document preparation
    2. Provide pre-closing consulting
  9. Closing
    1. Review closing documents
    2. Resolve last-minute items
    3. Complete transaction
  10. Post Closing
    1. Coordinate move
    2. Assist with post-closing issues

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